My name is Ronita Chattopadhyay. I worked for two years as a journalist. Then, a moment of epiphany while travelling in an autorickshaw on a foggy winter morning in New Delhi (well, my equivalent of the Bodhi tree!) led to a career change. I switched to the development sector. After a couple of full time jobs with non government organisations (NGOs) across multiple states in India, I became a full time consultant focusing primarily on process documentation. So now, I get to travel and meet more people across the country, write and get paid for it! I also facilitate trainings on process documentation and strengthening institutional systems for knowledge sharing. The other areas of work include qualitative research, participatory monitoring and evaluation and editing related assignments on child protection, health and nutrition.

This Blog
How do local communities perceive and experience planned projects/programmes? What do staffs of NGOs and other such organisations experience as they conceptualise, implement, monitor and document these processes? This blog is an attempt to share some of these stories and what I learn from them. It will, essentially, trace my journey with the accompanying emotions of frustration, despair, joy and exhilaration. There may be a certain degree of meandering – sub arcs if you will! Hopefully, the experiences and learnings will resonate with you as well. So, welcome aboard and I would love to hear from you too.

The opinions expressed, as coherent arguments or just rambling prose, are all mine. These do not reflect the position of my past or current employers/contracting agencies.


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