The D Word

I mean deadlines. There is no doubt about it. They rule our lives. Like tyrannical rulers.

Sometimes, we get time to prepare for them. Sometimes, they are just thrust upon us. In either set of situations, days pass by in a blur and even 24 hours seem insufficient. For me, as a consultant, the distinction between day and night or between Sunday and Monday gets blurred. In fact, I don’t think many in our chronically understaffed development sector experience a 9 am to 5 pm job! And it is really very difficult to explain why we have to work so much and keep such hours to the non-development types (pretty much the rest of the world actually…see So you are a…WHAT?).

Of course, having a supportive boss and team mates is a big help in such times. The absence of these…well…that should be another blog post or maybe even a series!

When we manage to finish the work, there are another set of hurdles. I have often seen that the number of people expected to give feedback swells up mysteriously at the last minute. This number is also often inversely proportional to the amount of time one has for incorporating feedback! This is also the time that we realise that some of these people are possibly reading the document for the first time even though we might be working on version 5. And if you have to give a hard copy of the document to a very senior and very important person who has very little time (and probably doesn’t like you), the printer will refuse to cooperate. Or the computer will. Or, if one has that kind of luck, both will!

But, somehow, we survive. And then there is the next deadline!

(I don’t really intend to cover A-Z. But for those interested, there is also The F Word.)