Joys and Pains of Collaborating

Many people far more experienced and distinguished than me have spoken on the pros and cons, the joys and pains of teamwork. Sometimes, it is exhilarating and we may even end up striking great friendships. But all of us who have been through the trajectory of group assignments in school and college to teams for projects in the professional domain have our own personal horror stories as well. Of that one person who didn’t ….. Of the one team which wouldn’t….

Lately, I have been working very closely with a team on some research studies. It has, undoubtedly, been enriching and amazing. It has also provided me insight into the transient and interchangeable nature of ‘joy’ and ‘pain’. Well…decide for yourself!

Constant travelling         Enjoyable road trips         Hours together in cramped spaces

New experiences           Wow! This music is good   Seriously dude! You listen to this?

Working together         Learning from others          This is so unplanned!
sometimes in a             and on the move
chaotic environment

Dividing work            Capitalising knowledge         You think this is all I can do?
responsibilities          and skills

Blurring of                Knowing each other          I need to know about your family-why?
personal and            well, Stepping in to           And your digestive system – WHY?
professional             support when needed