People Say the Darndest Things

Meeting people through process documentation, research or other activities is often interesting. Some people make these interactions even more memorable. At times, it is the lost in translation bit that brings in the humour. And sometimes, it is their unique perspective expressed….well…uniquely. Here are a few examples where I was present or where team members could not help but share these gems.

We must act to prevent malnutrition. It affects our children, especially the children of our poor brothers and sisters. And then, they can become mafia. So, we must act now.
(A possibly well intentioned politician who just got carried away)

We must brainstorm the adolescents. We must arrest them.
(A district level government functionary who probably wanted to say that we should work with adolescents so that they don’t ‘stray’)

There is no case of homosexuality here. There is no case of even heterosexuality here.
(A boys’ hostel related functionary…No clue what he meant!)

You know what participatory decision making means? You participate and I decide.
(A senior functionary in a non government organisation-NGO)

You can’t finger the government. You can’t finger NGOs also.
(A NGO functionary who probably meant that we cannot point fingers at anyone)


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