…And I am Back!

2014 has been exhilarating, eventful and also sad. Mixed up. You get the drift. Of course, working as an independent consultant in the not for profit sector is adventurous and uncertain to begin with and that is why I chose to do this. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel and work, meet interesting people and find myself in some amazing locations. Crossing a snow hugged mountain pass to arrive at a valley… and then sitting under a chinar tree, mountains at a distance, having a conversation while a light drizzle falls around me. An early morning drive over a bridge, vast expanse of water below and the curtains of mist slowly parting to reveal a glistening green landscape at the other end. Trying new cuisines in different parts of India. Graduating from strangers to professional acquaintances to friends along the way. And returning to work closer home to discover new experiences and learnings here as well.

There have been some low moments too. There were personal losses and bouts of illnesses. The death of a colleague in a freak road accident. Work suffered for a while. This blog suffered the most! I felt guilty but it was never enough to translate into a post.

Finally, today, I don’t quite know why or how…I found my way back.